A VBA2C Journey

September 3, 2015
A VBA2C Journey

It has been a very long road during this pregnancy. Having to switch providers at 28 weeks and “hunt” for one willing to support a Momma with a strong desire to VBA2C was no cake walk. I struggled with GD, controlled by high doses of insulin, 3 appts weekly 35 minutes from my home to get NSTs, u/s, and OB appts. Around 35 weeks I was hit with almost 10 days straight of Prodromal labor. Oh my I was so ready to to just give up… Our EDD wasn’t until May 28th and I was already starting to receive the “big baby” talks.

On Monday (May 11th) I woke up with my usual irregular contractions. I felt different and opted to camp out on the couch with my 3 and 1 year old instead of keep up on house work. At about 6pm, I set off to walk across the living room when all of the sudden *POP* my water broke. I was 37+5. No contractions.

I ventured into the shower. No contractions. The family and I packed up and went on a couple walks. No contractions. I tried to lay down and rest to feel baby move. No movement, no contractions. L&D was very adamant about me coming in to at least get monitored after 4 hours of having my bag of waters ruptured. I agreed and we set out to the hospital at 11pm. Tightening, but no painful contractions. I sighed hoping I wasn’t setting myself up for failure. Did I mention that OB we hunted for and that was so supportive was out of town until later in the week? Yeah, more nerves now!

We arrived at the hospital around 11:30. We were immediately relieved to find that we would be taken are of by the most amazing L&D nurse! She’s the kind that when you’re to be on continuous monitoring she’ll help you up for “long bathroom breaks.” 😉 I got all hooked up, confirmed broken waters, and checked. I was 4cm, 60% effaced, -2 station. They agreed to give me 2 hours off monitors to get things started myself before they suggested pitocin. I put the pedal to the metal and took off walking laps like crazy!

2 hours later, I went back to get checked. 6cm, 90% effaced, 0 station. Hallelujah!!! My body was working! I was so excited to be having painful contractions! I positioned myself, got in the zone, and began to master managing my contractions. Things were moving along very fast.

I made the mistake of listening to others, instead of my body, and tried some different positions. I immediately began to lose focus, lose control, and the contractions were slowly taking over. I could feel myself getting off track and slightly began to panic. The resident then came in and I requested a cervical check. I was 8cm, 100% effaced, +1 station.

11930702_10156055103375515_1850781581_nThe resident was beginning to get very concerned because my contractions were stacked on top of one another. My uterus was working so so hard and with the 2 previous incisions they wanted internal monitoring and to possibly give me meds to slow the contractions down…. I have never heard of that in my life!

I knew I had been awake for a very very long time. I knew that my body was beginning to feel drained. I was on an insulin pump and couldn’t have more than ice chips to give me any energy. And I knew that if I was going to make it through this, I needed a little break to regroup and get back on track. I needed pain relief. I asked for an epidural.

Anesthesia came in around 4:15am. They placed the epidural rather quickly but I was in such a high amount of pain they took almost another hour to finally pump me full of enough drugs to give me relief. Finally, I could breathe. I could see and focus and I didn’t feel defeated!

I took some very deep breaths and felt some pressure. I asked to be checked. They came in, lifted my sheet and said “OH! There’s her head!!! Don’t push yet, let me go get dressed!” They hurried back fully dressed and told me when I was ready to go ahead and push. About 6 big pushes and 4 little pushes later, Little Miss was born at 6:06am weighing 7lbs 9oz. It was amazing to have my baby right on my chest. I felt so empowered, supported, relieved, and proud!

I feel that we had an amazing birth. I am so satisfied with the way everything went. I am very impressed by hospital staff and providers and how supportive they were…. All around my heart is so happy. I got my VBAC. I got my Baby Girl. I have a beautiful, amazing family of 5 now and I am so blessed <3

VBAC= Very Beautiful and Courageous

Amber Magee

I am a Birth Doula at Birth Day & Beyond and stay at home mom to 3 children ages 4, 2, and 4 months.My passion is empowering and educating women during their pregnancy, birth, and beyond.

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  • Beautiful! Thanks for sharing. I’m sure this will inspire many Moms.

  • Where were you able to complete your VBA2C in Nebraska? Under which doctor/midwife… if you don’t mind my asking. I understand this is a hard service to obtain.

    • If you check out the local group ICAN (International Cesearean Awareness Network) they can point you in the right direction of VBA2C providers! Check out our list of support groupshere ~Katie

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