About Us

About Us

Mission Statement

Our goal is to network the Omaha area in regards to all things Natural Parenting and Natural Living to help create a community full of support and education for like-minded parents.

Who We Are

Omaha Area Natural Parents is your one stop place for locating local natural parenting and natural living resources in the Omaha area.

Check our local resources for recommended Doula’s, Pregnancy / Childbirth / Breastfeeding classes, alternative healthcare, healthy restaurants and more. We also advertise local events and classes — please see our event calendar!

We also discuss natural parenting topics and encourage comments from anyone no matter where you are on the ‘natural’ spectrum. This means we will be posting alternatives to what the mainstream prescribes. Topics will include breastfeeding, attachment parenting, intactivism, alternative health, co-sleeping, baby-wearing, gentle discipline, natural pregnancy, natural birth, green living, car seat safety, and more. All of our articles are posted to educate and inform you. Some topics are controversial, but we do not want to avoid discussing them. We cannot withhold facts for fear of offending because the importance of the information outweighs people’s right to not be challenged in their beliefs.

Please see Our Beliefs statement for a more detailed explaination.