Help! I Can’t Babywear My Baby!

I cannot go a single week without hearing someone say, “I tried that babywearing thing. It’s just not for me. I can’t do it.” Usually it’s within the context of this amazing organization for which I happen to be an educator (Convenient, right?!). But sometimes it’s during a grocery store conversation, at a playdate, or when I’m randomly loading my littles into the car in a parking lot. Depending on the audience, we go back and forth and problem solve or I just throw a little tidbit of mind blowing, empowering information that maybe, just maybe, will open up their heart to this awesome parenting tool.


Communication Barriers With Children

(Part 1 in a 3 Part Series)
By Kate Jobe

The ability to communicate ones emotions and thoughts in a way they can be understood by others is probably the most important component of successful relationships. Succeeding in communicating your emotions and thoughts and then having them acknowledged and supported is equally important, regardless if you are an adult or a child.