Adventures in Bra Fitting

I’ve been researching bra fitting like crazy the last two days, thanks to two of my close friends Megan and Jennifer. I was buying some shirts from Megan and Jennifer commented that my current bra was not fitting me right AT ALL. Get ready to learn something ladies! My research started here with learning how to properly measure myself. This is a totally different way then what I had been told before!


February 14, 2013
What’s Wrong With Breastfeeding?

Hey, want to know what I think of Mayor Bloomberg’s Latch on NYC initiative? Sure you do. My first reaction is: Oh, no — not another old white man telling women what to do with their bodies. Seriously??

If you haven’t heard this story, the mayor has suggested that hospitals should lock up formula and require that it be signed out by nurses before mothers use it to bottle feed in the hospital. What the Mayor of New York City has to do with breastfeeding I don’t really know, but if you ask me, until he has had a newborn baby depend on his man-boobs for sustenance he can Butt. Out.