Help! I Can’t Babywear My Baby!

September 16, 2015
Help! I Can’t Babywear My Baby!

I cannot go a single week without hearing someone say, “I tried that babywearing thing. It’s just not for me. I can’t do it.” Usually it’s within the context of this amazing organization for which I happen to be an educator (Convenient, right?!). But sometimes it’s during a grocery store conversation, at a playdate, or when I’m randomly loading my littles into the car in a parking lot. Depending on the audience, we go back and forth and problem solve or I just throw a little tidbit of mind blowing, empowering information that maybe, just maybe, will open up their heart to this awesome parenting tool.

Over the last few years babywearing has gained quite a bit of media attention. While babywearing is actually an ancient art, its recent renewal has created yet another thing for caregivers, particularly new parents, to worry about. Who can wear their baby? Do you have to have a degree for this practice? Do I have to be a certain kind of parent? Can I babywear?  The answer is YES. Yes, you can babywear.

So, what do you need to babywear? Does your child have to be a certain age? Do I need lots and lots of money? Because that (insert expensive baby gadget name here) I just bought was 4 gazillion dollars.  Babywearing can be done by anyone and it can be as expensive as inexpensive as you wish. It can be done from birth to as old as your child is the last time you comfortably carry them.

“But I’m all thumbs.” “I have a back problem.” “MY child hates it.” “I’m hot all the time.”

I think that all of these excuses are used because we are unsure of ourselves. We are so used to seeing small humans in plastic devices with or without wheels or in the arms of a caregiver to the point that it doesn’t seem very natural to see them anywhere else. But I am here to assure you that anyone can babywear. Ok maybe not if you’re in a coma, but anyone else can!

Maybe the problem is that the carrier was not worn correctly. Maybe it’s that you need a different type of carrier. If you happen to have caught my previous blog post, (insert shameless promotional ploy here) I mentioned that there is a vast amount of different types of carriers. Not all of them fit well or comfortably on everyone; however, in my twenty years of babywearing experience, I have yet to work with anyone for whom we CAN’T find a babywearing solution.

So who can babywear? Here are three prerequisites:  1.) Do you hold your child for longer than 30 seconds a day? 2.) Can you tie your shoes? 3.) Can you buckle your seatbelt? If you answered yes to any one of these questions then you, you my dear can babywear.

Stay tuned for further tips and tricks to becoming a successful babywearer!

Rachel McGarity

Rachel McGarity is a single mother of four and happily advocates for all things natural and parenting respectfully. However since she has been babywearing in one capacity or another for twenty years, her ultimate passion is babywearing and bringing it into the everyday lives of all caregivers.

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