Preemie Twins, Why It’s Important To Have Others Understand Your Journey

September 11, 2015
Preemie Twins, Why It’s Important To Have Others Understand Your Journey

Sometimes, more than anything, at the end of a long day you just want to know that you aren’t the only one going through what you’re going through.

My twin babies that I was so ready for, came far too soon — at just 26 weeks. Those months after they came were so scary and filled with a swift education that I was so unprepared for then, and am so proud of now. My babies that were once so itty bitty, are now a fierce kindergarten duo that are on the move, demolishing the house on a daily basis and we’re working on tying their shoes. At the end of the day, after all of its said and done, there’s still one thing missing — my turn to be heard.

Whether I got a doctor to listen to a concern, a therapist saw what I’ve been noticing, insurance agreed that a medication is needed, I don’t often get my chance to be heard. I love those moments. I cherish them. They are almost in my mind equal to those big milestones the twins are having.

To be heard. It’s so important to be heard. Especially as a parent who spends most of your days surrounded by noises, business and so many decisions to make — especially if your baby decides to come earlier than expected. If you can find someone who can look at your situation, look at you, and say “I get it”, it’s something to savor. It gives you validation.

It doesn’t always have to come from another parent in the same situation, but that sometimes helps. However, if the sentiment is sincere, it’s just as much of a gift.
It helps to make you feel that your children aren’t the only ones who noticed that you haven’t slept, that you lost closet space to store their supplies, every doctor your kids
see’s number stored in your phone and that getting out of the house to go through the drive – thru at the pharmacy can seem like a vacation.

To all the parents we’ve already met, the ones who may read this and the others we hope to meet…I get it. We get it. We’re here.

Some days are just hard. All of them are worth it.

And if no one has told you yet today, you are quite amazing and doing a fantastic job.

Amy Forythe - Omaha Area Natural Parents

Amy Forsythe

Executive Director at Quiet Light Foundation
Amy is a mom to 5 year old preemie twins. Besides working, running and reading, she spends her "free time" being the executive director for the Quiet Light Foundation and helping families with preemie and special needs children.

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